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Ascension of the Lord, Year B

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Lectionary: 58
Read the Gospel: Mark 16:15-20

Gospel Summary
Most scholars believe this section was added to Mark's gospel in order to make it more compatible with the other gospel endings. Just before Jesus ascended into heaven, he commissioned the remaining eleven disciples to go into all the world and tell everyone they possibly could about the Good News. The disciples then saw Jesus lifted up bodily into heaven where he would sit at the Father's right hand.

Reflection for Families
There is an expression, "preaching to the choir." It is easy to preach to the choir because they already believe in the Good News and share our faith. The challenge for us as parents who live as disciples and teach our children that they too are disciples comes when we meet people that are not "in the choir." Do we sometimes give up or turn away from our commission to carry the Good News to all people?

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
After reading this gospel with your family, ask each member to choose a word that most makes an impression on him/her. Once all members have has shared their word, have them explain how they see that word alive in the world today, in their own actions, or in actions they think would make the world a better place. Help one another make plans to carry the Good News to others.

Discussion Starters
1. I know Jesus' spirit is with me as a disciple because...
2. I see signs of other disciples bringing the Good News into the world when...
3. One way I will take the Good News into all the world is...

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