Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Years ABC

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Lectionary: 622
Read the Gospel: Luke 1:39-56

Gospel Summary
Today’s Gospel contains the account of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth and of Mary’s proclamation of the Magnificat. Joy runs through this Gospel reading—the joy as the cousins meet and embrace; the joy as the baby within Elizabeth’s womb leaps at the sound of Mary’s voice; and the joy expressed in the words of the Magnificat.

Reflection for Parents
Family schedules are full. It may some days seem as if life is one endless carpool from one practice to the next, from one errand to another. In the middle of the stuff of everyday life, today’s Gospel encourages us to find cause to rejoice. Sit still for a few moments today and consider where you have experienced joy in recent days. Think about how you can bring joy to others in the week to come. Consider if, in all the events on the family calendar, there is a need to make more room for joy.

Bringing the Good News Into Your Family
The Gospel today also speaks of the power of friendship. Mary and Elizabeth were not only cousins; they were friends. Invite family members to think of friends they haven’t seen or spoken with in awhile. Encourage each person to decide on a random act of kindness he or she can do for that friend—something he or she can make, say, or do to let that friend know the he or she is remembered and appreciated.

Discussion Starters

  1. When I have good news to share, the person I want to tell first is . . . because . . .
  2. Something that brings me great joy is . . .
  3. I want to praise God today because . . .