Christ the King, Year B

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Read Sunday’s Gospel, John 18:33b-37.

Gospel Summary

Generally, we do not find the title “Christ the King” in any of the Gospels, but here in John, Jesus accepted the title even though it was given to him with misunderstanding. Pilate mistook the title as political. Jesus corrected him by saying that his kingdom was not of this world. Through the title of “King,” Jesus pointed beyond himself to God, explaining that his mission was to tell the people about God and testify to the truth God wanted revealed through Jesus.

Reflection for Families

The values of God’s Kingdom help us explain to what kind of king Jesus is when we claim him to be “Christ the King.” Everywhere in our world and private lives, we can find examples of Christ the King of peace, the King of justice, hope, goodness and love. Jesus said he came into the world to give evidence of his father’s love. Consider how much a parent’s love for their child gives evidence of God’s love, and how a parent’s life is an example to their children of the many different kinds of “kingship” claimed by Jesus.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Make a simple crown centerpiece for your evening meal. When you have finished eating, create a simple prayer of petition, praise or thanksgiving. At the conclusion of each person’s prayer, that person may decide what title they want to give Jesus when they respond: “May your kingdom come, King of ________.”


Discussion Starters

  1. I serve Jesus, the King, by . . .
  2. Sometimes I think literally like Pilate and forget to look beyond the earthly meaning of words. I think the Kingdom Jesus described will be like . . .
  3. Sometimes I allow other things beside Jesus to be ruler in my life. The one I struggle with most is . . .

Connecting to Faith First® Legacy Edition

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