The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

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Lectionary: 668
Read the Gospel: John 6:37-40

Gospel Summary
In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus makes it clear he has come down from Heaven to do the will of God the Father. And the will of God the Father is that all people who believe in Jesus will have eternal life and will be raised up on the last day.

Reflection for Parents
Families often choose this reading as the Gospel reading for funeral liturgies. With all of the sufferings and trials of this earthly life, Jesus’ promise that those who believe in him will have eternal life brings hope and comfort to those who mourn.

Take a few minutes today to think about what the gift and promise of eternal life means to you. 

Bringing the Good News Into Your Family
Finish creating your family devotional area for the month of November. Invite other family members to bring pictures of those they love that have died and to add those pictures to the display already on your devotional table. Encourage your family to talk about those whose pictures they have added. Place lighted tea lights or votive candles near the pictures, and pray for your loved ones and all who have died in the peace of Christ.

Discussion Starters
On this Feast of All Souls’ Day, search your parish bulletin for the names of parishioners whose loved ones have recently died. Take time as a family to create sympathy cards with words of hope and encouragement for those parishioners. Do the same for any family members or friends who have recently had a loved one die. Mail or hand-deliver your notes and cards. Younger children can assist by drawing pictures of flowers or crosses on the fronts of the cards.