Easter Sunday, Year C

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Lectionary: 42
Read: John 20:1-9

Gospel Summary

On Friday afternoon when Jesus died, the women had not been able to finish the customary preparation for burial. The Sabbath began at sundown on Friday, so Mary of Magdala hurried to the tomb Sunday morning to complete her task. She found the tomb empty. Certain that Jesus’ body had been stolen, she ran back to get the other disciples. Peter and the other disciple also found an empty tomb but with Jesus’ clothing rolled neatly and placed where his body had been. The disciples still didn’t understand about the resurrection and Mary wept. As she cried, two angels appeared asking why she was crying. She then saw a gardener and asked him where the body might be. When he called her by name, Mary immediately recognized Jesus.

Reflection for Families

Most parents have discovered by now that things aren’t always as they seem. A poured out bottle of laundry detergent wasn’t really mischievous behavior, but rather an attempt to surprise you with a generous gift of service. Or secret whispers are not an attempt to hide some wrongdoing but rather an effort to plan a surprise for you. Things weren’t as they seemed to Mary Magdalene either that first Easter morning. Our errors in perception often work to remind us that God’s plan is not always obvious, but that we are challenged to trust in the promise of the resurrection.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Place symbols of Easter such as lighted candles, eggs, and lilies on your dinner table today. Discuss how these items might have become symbols for Easter. What do they suggest to us about the gospel story we read today? How can we be symbols of the Easter message to each other and those outside our family?

Discussion Starters

  1. The symbol that means the most to me at Easter is . . . because…
  2. Mary Magdalene recognized Jesus’ voice when he called her name. One time I know Jesus called my name when . . .
  3. I will share the Good News of Easter this week by . . .



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