Easter Sunday, Year C, Intermediate

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Intermediate Session
Acts 10:34, 37-43
John 20:1-9

Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
God of New Life,
thank you for sending Jesus to bring us new life.
Help us to let the light of the risen Christ
shine through our lives and actions.
We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ who is risen.


Opening Life Reflection

Easter is a day to rejoice because God raised Jesus from the dead. We rejoice in the risen Lord.  To begin today’s session invite the children to create Alleluia Easter cards. On a large sheet of paper or chalkboard post Easter symbols for the children to use to help design their cards. Some examples are--a candle for the light of Christ, a butterfly for a sign of new life, the sun for the dawning light which symbolizes how Jesus rose from the dead and is light for the world, and flowers for new life. Provide construction paper, markers and scissors for the children to make cards. Discuss:

  • Why is Easter a joyful time?
  • How can we show our thanks to God for raising Jesus from the dead?

Listening to the Word of God

In the first reading from Acts of the Apostles, listen to how Peter describes Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Read Acts 10:34, 37-43.
Allow for silence.

Scripture Discussion Starters

  • How does Peter describe the life of Jesus?
  • What does Peter tell us about Jesus’ death?
  • What does Peter tell us about the resurrection of Jesus?
  • What message is given to the followers of Jesus?

In today’s gospel Mary Magdalene visits the tomb of Jesus. Listen to find out what she discovers.

Read John 20:1-9.
Allow for silence.

  • What does Mary Magdalene discover when she visits Jesus’ tomb?
  • Who does she tell?
  • Which two disciples visit the tomb?
  • What do they discover?
  • What happens when the disciple who arrives first enters the tomb?


Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the readings using the Catechist Background section.

In the first reading from Acts of the Apostles, Peter gives testimony to the significance of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. He tells us that beginning in Galilee, Jesus was baptized by John and God anointed him with the Holy Spirit. Jesus lived his life healing and loving others.  Jesus was killed on a cross only to have God raise him up on the third day. Peter then announces what this means for the world--that we who believe in Jesus Christ share in his mission of love and service.

Peter’s preaching has a powerful effect on those who hear him. The Holy Spirit is poured out upon the listeners. They come to believe in Jesus Christ and are commissioned to go out and spread the good news.

Today’s gospel reading tells the story of the resurrection. We hear that it is very early, before dawn when Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb. When she finds it empty, Mary runs off to tell Simon Peter and the other disciples that the Lord has been taken. Immediately Peter and the other disciple go to the tomb. The beloved disciple outruns Peter, yet he allows Peter to enter the tomb first. When they both enter the tomb, it is the beloved disciple who believes that Jesus has been raised from the dead.

As the story is told we realize that the disciples did not yet understand that Jesus had risen from the dead. Only gradually do they come to believe in the resurrection. The beloved disciple comes to believe more quickly because of his love for Jesus. The author of John’s gospel may be showing the power of love, which has revealed the truth of the resurrection.


Questions for Deeper Reflection

  • Why is the resurrection of Jesus good news?
  • How can you learn more about the resurrection of Jesus?
  • What do we celebrate during Easter?

If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.


Doctrinal Discussion Starters

“On the third day he rose again, in fulfillment of the scriptures…”

Belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us hope in the overwhelming love that God has for us. That powerful Divine love did not end with the death of Jesus on the cross. Rather, God broke the chains of death forever and raised Jesus to new life. The resurrected Christ is present with us even now. His light shines throughout the world.

We believe the resurrection of Jesus to be an actual event. It was not simply a spiritual experience for the disciples. The first disciples witnessed something totally surprising. The risen Lord is not a ghost who returns to haunt the disciples. The disciples witnessed a risen Christ who passed over from death into a new existence. Those first disciples gradually came to understand that Jesus was raised from the dead, and in understanding that, they were willing to suffer and die in order to tell the good news of the resurrection.

  • Where does the light of Christ shine in the world today?
  • Who are the people who share the good news about the resurrection with you?
  • How can you spread the joy of Easter to others?


The Gospel in Life

Share the joy of Easter by giving your Alleluia Easter Card to someone special.


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