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Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome

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Lectionary: 671
Read the Gospel: John 2: 13-22

Gospel Summary
It is not clear what precipitated Jesus' reaction at the temple. In what would appear to be a fit of anger, Jesus used a whip to drive out the animals, and overturned tables sending coins, people, and animals scurrying in all directions. The people took Jesus' words literally and because of their immature faith, they were looking for signs. That is why in this Gospel where Jesus says he will destroy the temple but raise it back up in three days, people were dumbfounded. The temple had been under construction for over forty years and was still not complete. It is no wonder when they heard that Jesus would raise it up in three days, that they could not comprehend his meaning. They lacked the faith to understand that Jesus referred to the raising of his own body in three daysÐa temple they did not recognize.

Reflection for Families
Building our families is much like constructing a building in that you need a solid foundation in order to build a worthy structure. There are many things we might name that help build the foundation such as love, and essentials including food, clothing and shelter. Some quality time and fun get-aways may help, too. But the main ingredient, indeed, the cornerstone, is Jesus. Not much else we offer our children will impact their lives as much as the religious foundation we provide. The most important time to remember this valuable lesson is when we feel least like living it ourselvesÑmaybe on Sunday morning when we're too tired to go to mass, or when we get irritated with a neighbor or another driver. We want a solid foundation for our children and need to work continually on building up our family.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family
Ask someone on your parish staff to allow your family to take a tour of your church facility. Perhaps you would like to invite another family to join you or open up the tour to any interested families. As you move from place to place throughout your building and grounds, suggest ways that certain locations build up the Body of Christ. You probably have a food pantry area, a religious education area, the baptismal font, choir seating or a space for gathering and fellowship. Allow members of your family to explain why they believe each part of the church building is important to the whole structure of the community.

Discussion Starters
1. Some churches are not built out of brick and stone. They have no physical structure at all. These churches are important because . . .
2. All churches in the Catholic Church are connected to each other by . . .
3. For me, the most perfect house for God is . . .

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