Feast of the Holy Family, Year B

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Lectionary: 17
Read the Gospel: Luke 2:22-40

Gospel Summary
In today’s Gospel, Mary and Joseph—obedient Jewish parents—present Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem. There they meet Simeon, a holy man who blesses God for having seen with his own eyes Christ the Lord. Mary and Joseph also meet the prophetess, Anna, who worships in the Temple day and night. She too gives thanks to God, realizing that the child is Jesus, who will be the redemption of Jerusalem.

Reflection for Parents
Just as Mary and Joseph presented Jesus at the Temple, most Catholic parents have presented their children for Baptism in their parish churches. But beyond the day of presentation, beyond the day of Baptism, it is in the everyday living out of our faith that our children come to know more deeply the love of God. Pray today to be an everyday example of God’s love to your children. Pray that they, like Jesus, may grow “and become strong, filled with wisdom."

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family
On this Feast of the Holy Family, share with your children your memories of the holiness of elderly members of your family and their ancestors. Recall stories you have heard about them, share photographs of them, and—if available—share the family Bible that contains your family tree. If such a family tree is not available, create one together. Write on the tree the names of family members, and draw pictures or symbols that represent them. Display the family tree in a prominent place, and add to it as needed. Be sure to include your own family members on the family tree!

Discussion Starters

  1. Someone I think of as being holy and wise is . . . because . . .
  2. One way our family is holy is . . .
  3. One way our family can grow in holiness is . . .