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Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 104
Read: Mark 6:7-13

Gospel Summary
We hear how the early Church began in today's gospel, with the disciples being sent out two by two to continue the work begun by Jesus. Jesus explained to the new missionaries that not all people would be ready to hear what they had to say, but they should not linger with those people. Those who rejected the message would be to face God's judgment. Community was important as Jesus established his Church on earth and continues to be the essence of the Church today. Two by two, the disciples needed one another. We need one another as well.

Reflection for Families
In our busy world of commitments, we often have responsibilities that reach far beyond our own families. Then, we may try to convince ourselves that we can make up the time we don't spend with one another by supplying material gifts and opportunities. While there is nothing wrong with remembering someone in a special way from time to time, we know deep down that "things" cannot replace the actual time we spend together as a family. Remember how much our children depend on us for a very short period of time and consider making some adjustments as needed to your lifestyle to ensure that they have plenty of quality time with you during these few precious years.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
"Simplicity" is a key word for many families. "Getting back to the basics" has become a goal. Have each person think about the things he/she does that burden or take away from other members of the family. What adjustments can you make to travel light, as Jesus' disciples did, and reach out to one another and those in your community who might also benefit by your sharing the Good News of Jesus?

Discussion Starters

1. One thing I believe Jesus has sent me into the world to do is...
2. A time when I had to "shake the dust from my sandals" happened when...
3. The one thing I need "to take on the journey" to serve Jesus is...

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