Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year A

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Lectionary: 52
Read: John 14:1-12

Gospel Summary
During Jesus' Last Supper, Jesus explained to the disciples what was to happen next in God's plan. Jesus would no longer be visibly among them, but would return to the Father. In heaven, Jesus would prepare a place for each of us to come when he returned to get us. In his discussion, Jesus also made it clear that if we know him, we would also know God, and that they are one in the same. The way for us to be with the Father is to follow Jesus.

Reflection for Families
Often it is easier for our children to trust the words of Jesus than it is for us. Like the disciples, we can be a bit apprehensive not seeing Jesus. After all, it would be easier to follow someone if we could actually see where he is going! Instead, the words of Jesus challenge us to have faith in him and trust where the journey leads. The example of our lives should always point us and our children toward the rooms Jesus prepares for each of us.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Think for a moment about a road map. You may even like to draw one on a large piece of paper. Consider the "You-Are-Here" point on your map. How would you define the spirituality of your family? At an opposite point on the map, write "destination." Where are you going? Consider some of the things you will need to do along the way. There might be some mountainous roads with stopping points such as forgiveness, honesty, sharing. You may find some detours called righteousness, greed, anger. Where are the rest-areas, and what do you do while you're resting? What will you take with you on the journey and how will you nourish yourselves? Look in your parish bulletin for ideas on how your church helps you persevere on the journey.

Discussion Starters
1. The person who has guided me the most on my journey toward Jesus is . . .
2. As a family we need to pay attention mostly to the detour of . . .
3. One time the only way I could see through a difficulty was to trust. It was hard but in the end . . .

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