Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year B, Primary

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Primary Session
John 12:20-33

Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
Loving God, we open our hearts and minds to you in prayer.
Help us remember to come to you often in prayer.
In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Opening Life Reflection
The main focus for today’s session is Christian Prayer. To begin invite the children to brainstorm all the ways that they can talk and listen to others. Write down their responses on a sheet of poster paper or chalkboard. Explain to the children that we can talk with our hands and arms using gestures, we can sing, and write messages. Then divide the children into pairs. Invite the children to tell their partner to have a nice day by using one method of communicating other than speaking out loud. Discuss:

• How can you let people know what is on your mind?
• How can you get to know your friends better?
• What helps you to get to know God?

Allow time for discussion. Prayer helps us get to know God better. Prayer is talking and listening to God.

Listening to the Word of God
In today’s gospel, listen to how Jesus talks and listens to God.

Read John 12:20-33.
Allow for silence.

Scripture Discussion Starters
• What does Jesus tell his disciples about seeds and fruit?
• How does Jesus talk to God?
• What happens when Jesus listens to God?

Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel using the Catechist Background section.

In today’s gospel Jesus prepares his disciples for some important events that are about to happen. Jesus announces that his hour has come. The “hour” of Jesus, is a time of both suffering and glory. Jesus is referring to his return to the Father through his death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. Jesus uses the image of seeds and fruit to show that he must die in order to be raised to new life. The image points to the death of Jesus as the seed of new life for those who believe in him.

In this passage, Jesus talks to God in prayer. Jesus listens to God’s response. God offers a sign from heaven, and all people are promised salvation through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Questions for Deeper Reflection

• How do seeds and fruit help us understand Jesus’ death and resurrection?
• Where in nature do you find signs of new life?
• When do you talk to God?

[If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.]

Doctrinal Discussion Starters
Christian Prayer
Prayer helps us get to know God. When we pray, we talk and listen to God. We lift our minds and hearts to God in prayer. Prayer is a gift from God because God desires to live in friendship with us. We can pray anytime and any place. We are close to God when we pray.

There are many forms of prayer. Christian prayers include prayers of adoration, praise, thanksgiving, sorrow, and petition. No matter what form our prayer takes, the Holy Spirit helps us. When we pray, the Holy Spirit is with us, uniting us with Jesus.

• What is prayer?
• How did you learn to pray?
• Why is prayer important?

Sacrament Connection
In the Sacrament of Baptism we share in God’s own life and are reborn as adopted children of God. Communion with God is possible in prayer because we have been united with Christ in the sacrament of baptism.

The Gospel in Life
How will you talk and listen to God this week?

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