Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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Lectionary: 75
Read: Luke 5:1-11

Gospel Summary
Luke connected the great fishing catch with the calling of the disciples. While it is an important miracle about the mission of the disciples, it appears here with the calling of Peter, James, and John. Apparently business partners, Peter called James and John to help him with the big catch Jesus provided. The invitation to these three was to "net in" people for the Kingdom as abundantly as they had netted in the fish.

Reflection for Families
Like the fishermen, Jesus calls us to discipleship in the ordinariness of our everyday lives. Rather than complain about the same routine, or the parts of our job (paid or unpaid) that irritate us, we will be happier and with lighter hearts if we search for God in the moment. When we recognize our ordinary lives as a response to God's love, the burdens will be less and our joy will be greater.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Ask each person to name one of their best friends and recall the moment you met each other. Share how that person has been important in your life, where they have held you up, when you laugh or cry together. Have each person name one way his/her life is different because of this friend. Finally, make connections between these friendships and the friendship Jesus built with the disciples.

Discussion Starters

1. I have been a fisher of people for Jesus. One person I have helped bring to Jesus is ...
2. One thing I will do this week to be a fisher of people is ...
3. Like Peter, I was surprised by God's abundance when ...