Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year A

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Lectionary: 10
Read Sunday’s Gospel: Matthew 1:18-24

Gospel Summary
Matthew recounts the circumstances of Jesus’ birth by telling us the story of Mary’s engagement to Joseph and the child she carried originating from the Holy Spirit. This reality made no sense to Joseph, but he did not want to dishonor Mary so he planed to quietly divorce her. An angel came and told Joseph not to be afraid, that Mary’s child was conceived by the Holy Spirit and that they should call him Emmanuel meaning, “God is with us.”

Reflection for Families
How often have our young children called out to us in fear. Maybe they’re afraid of the night, or a bad dream, or an insect. They call out to us with complete trust that we will run to their side as soon as we hear their cry. It’s important that we remind our children that God is with us always. Like a loving parent, God is there when we call out. It is reassuring for our children to hear about examples from our own lives that recall times when we were afraid and God was present to us.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family
Light the fourth candle on your family’s Advent wreath. Ask each person to recall one time during this Advent season when they were confused, unsure, or frightened about something. Encourage each person to share how Jesus helped them . . . or how they will call on Jesus the next time they’re in a frightening situation.

Discussion Starters

  1. I remember one time when I was afraid but knew that God was with me . . .
  2. It’s important to me that my children know I’ll be there when they call me because . . .
  3. This week I heard a news story that made me know God is with us. The story was about…

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