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Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year C

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Lectionary: 12
Read: Luke 1:39-45

Gospel Summary
Luke tells us much in this account of Mary's visit to Elizabeth. Mary went to Judah to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, who knew nothing of Mary's pregnancy before their encounter. Yet Elizabeth knew that there was something special about Mary and the baby she carried. This is made clear by her calling Mary the Òmother of my Lord." The baby that Elizabeth carried leaped for joy at the sound of Mary's voice. This completes the prophecy of the angel that Elizabeth and Zachariah were expecting a baby and is symbolic of John's announcing Jesus' coming.

Reflection for Families
Mary models true discipleship for us. She doesn't understand some things, but accepts God's plan for her. In her selflessness, she went to visit her cousin. Most of us have some questions we'd like to ask God - things we don't understand and wonder how God could allow them to happen. Mary helps us know that God's ways are not always our ways and that if we have faith, trust, and patience, we will see God's plan unfold for us and our families.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Plan a family visit to a friend or relative who hasn't seen you in a while. Make it a cheerful visit by taking them a special treat or gift (it doesn't need to cost much money - just be significant to the person you visit). When you visit, try to let the person tell you as much about his/her life as they can and not talk about your own circumstances unless the person you're visiting really presses you to do so. In other words, let the attention be on the person you visit.

Discussion Starters

1. Just as the Spirit worked through Mary, I am open to the Spirit by ...
2. One of the most significant women in my life is ...
3. I remember a time when I had some really good news to share. The first person I went to (or called) was ...

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