Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year B

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Lectionary: 50
Read the Gospel: John 10:11-18

Gospel Summary
Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel that he is the Good Shepherd. He makes a distinction between good shepherds and hired hands. Good shepherds truly care for, guard, and protect their sheep. Hired hands are more likely to run at the first sign of trouble. As a good shepherd, Jesus knows his sheep and his sheep know him. Jesus is so devoted to his sheep that he will lay down his life for them.

Reflection for Parents
Think of all the people who share in the task of teaching, guiding, and protecting your child. Who among those people is truly a good shepherd—a person who invests himself or herself in your child’s life? Who are the “hired hands”—those who are less personally invested, but are still a part of your child’s circle of formation and care? Think about your own role as a parent. How are you being a good shepherd to your child and to your family? Are there any “wolves” in your life, drawing your attention away from the flock God has placed in your care?

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Today is a day to give thanks to the shepherds! Invite family members to talk about the good shepherds in their lives and in your family’s life. Make a list of the shepherds who are mentioned by name. Use arts and crafts supplies and notecards to write thank-you notes or to create “Good Shepherd certificates.” Mail or deliver the notes or certificates in the coming week.

Discussion Starters
1. Some of the wolves that take my attention off of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, are ...
2. Something I can do to help me follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd, more closely is....
3. Someone can be a good shepher to is... by...