Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year C, Primary

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Primary Session
Luke 15:1-3, 11-32


Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
God our Father and Creator,
You always forgive us and welcome us home.
Help us to grow as followers of Jesus.
In the name of your son Jesus we pray.


Opening Life Reflection

Celebrating Lent helps us to grow as followers of Jesus. During Lent we focus on asking for forgiveness and trying to do better. To begin today’s session invite the children to think of ways that they show that they are sorry. Discuss:

  • How do you show someone that you are sorry?
  • What words or gestures can you use to show that you are sorry?
  • What helps you to try and do better?

Allow time for discussion. Making good choices helps us grow closer to God. On this Fourth Sunday of Lent we ask God to help us grow as followers of Jesus.


Listening to the Word of God

In the today’s Gospel listen to Jesus tell a story about a forgiving father.
Read Luke 15:1-3, 11-32.
Allow for silence.


Scripture Discussion Starters

  • What does the younger son ask for in the beginning of the story?
  • What happens after he leaves home?
  • Why does the younger son want to come back home to his father?
  • What does the father do when his son comes home?
  • What does the older son do?
  • Why does the father in the story say that his son was lost but now he is found?


Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the readings.
Jesus tells the parable of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel today. A parable is a story that helps to teach a special message. The story that Jesus told in today’s Gospel teaches us about God’s love and forgiveness. The young son shows us how to ask for forgiveness so that we may change and grow. The forgiving father teaches us that God always loves us and forgives us even before we say that we are sorry. The older brother shows us that we should be forgiving, as the Father is forgiving. Each of these three figures in the story teaches us an important lesson.

Jesus tells this story of forgiveness and love to teach that God is just as willing to welcome us back home, as is the father in this parable.


Questions for Deeper Reflection

  • Who is the father like in this story?
  • Why did Jesus tell this story?
  • What does this story teach us about God?

If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.


Doctrinal Discussion Starters


Everyone who has been baptized still experiences human weakness. The newness of life received in baptism can help us to make good choices. As children of God we grow in our ability to make good choices. We call this change and growth conversion.

Throughout his public ministry Jesus preaches conversion. Jesus asks us to follow him. The Church helps us to grow as followers of Jesus.

  • How does the season of Lent help you follow Jesus?
  • Are you able to ask forgiveness and start new after you make a bad choice?
  • How does the Church help you to make good choices?


The Gospel in Life

What can you do during Lent to grow as a follower of Jesus?


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