Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year A, primary

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Primary Session
John 9:1-41

Opening Prayer
Let us pray.
Dear Jesus,
just as you cured the blind man, may we be given new vision this Lent.
Help us to live as children of light.
In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Opening Life Reflection
The theme for today is original and social sin. During the season of Lent we are reminded that Jesus is the light of the world and as followers of Jesus we are called to share the light of God’s love with others. To begin, provide crayons and symbols of light such as suns, candles, flames, etc. cut out of construction paper for the children. Invite the children to choose a symbol and write down or draw on it how they can live as a light in the world. Discuss:
• How can you share the light of God’s love with others?
• How do others share the light of God’s love with you?
• Who helps you to live as a child of light?

Allow time for discussion. On this Fourth Sunday of Lent we are reminded to turn away from darkness and become children of light.

Listening to the Word of God
In the gospel reading today, listen to the story of a man who was born blind.

Read John 9:1-41.
Allow for silence.

Scripture Discussion Starters
• What happens when Jesus meets the man born blind?
• How does Jesus heal the man?
• What happens after the blind man is cured?
• What does the man come to believe about Jesus?

Scripture Background
Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel using the Catechist Background section.

In today’s gospel, Jesus and his disciples meet a man who was blind from birth. The disciples ask Jesus if the sins of the man or his parents caused his blindness. Jesus makes the point that the blindness was not caused by the man’s sins or the sins of his parents.

Jesus cures the blind man and he comes to believe that Jesus is the light of the world. The man’s neighbors, his family, and the Pharisees refuse to accept Jesus as the light of the world. They are not able to see the truth.

In the story of the man’s healing from blindness to sight, we find someone who sees with eyes of faith. The man showed his faith by believing in Jesus, the Messiah.

Questions for Deeper Reflection
• Why is Jesus the “Light of the World?”
• Why does the man have faith in Jesus?
• Where do you learn to have faith in Jesus?

[If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.]

Doctrinal Discussion Starters
Original Sin and Social Sin

God created people free to choose to live in friendship with God or turn away from God’s love. From the start of human history, human beings have chosen darkness over the light. The term “original sin” is used to describe Adam and Eve’s fall from original holiness.

When people choose darkness over the light the entire community is effected. Social sin is the evil that exists in the world as a result of people choosing to turn away from God.

Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus brings healing from sin and he helps restore our friendship with God. Through the love and generosity of our creator we are given new life in baptism.

• How can we live in friendship with God?
• How can you choose light over darkness?

The Gospel in Life
How can you share the light of Jesus with someone who needs help this week?

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