Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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Lectionary: 72
Read: Luke 4:21-30

Gospel Summary
Jesus went to Nazareth and taught in the temple. At first the people were amazed at his knowledge but then it occurred to them, he was one of them - a carpenter in their own village! They became very angry with Jesus and planned to throw him bodily from a nearby mountain top. Jesus simply walked through them and left. Some scholars say that the crowd's reaction and Jesus escaping them to continue his teaching and preaching is a foreshadowing of Jesus' death and resurrection and the mission of the Church to continue spreading the Good News.

Reflection for Families
How many times do we react to what appears to be the situation? A few times of being wrong slows us, especially parents, down and teaches us that Òthings are not always as they seem.Ó It takes time and often forces us to Òeat humble pieÓ (or at least laugh at ourselves), but very often, by the time we Òget the storyÓ we recognize that we have come to the wrong conclusion, that the evidence is misleading. Parents need to show their children that they trust and have faith in them. If our first impression turns out to be correct, then we can take necessary disciplinary steps, but at least children recognize their parents' faith in them as our first response.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
When the people of Nazareth had no faith in Jesus, Jesus could not work any miracles. He had to leave the area and go where people believed in him. Share together places in your own lives, either individually or as a family where weak faith prevents Jesus from working in your lives. What steps can you take to allow Jesus to enter? What can you do to help one another develop a stronger faith?

Discussion Starters

1. A truth that is hard for me to hear is ...
2. I have seen others reject a certain person who speaks the truth. They do not listen because ...
3. A truth I have tried to tell but felt rejection from others happened when ...