Most Holy Trinity Sunday, Year C

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Lectionary: 166
Read the Gospel: John 16:12-15

Gospel Summary
While the term trinity is more the result of early Christian communities than it is scripture, today's Gospel helps us see the interconnectedness of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This Gospel reveals Jesus' words at the Last Supper. The disciples could not understand the meaning of Jesus' words because they had not yet witnessed the resurrection. But Jesus explained that everything he had taught them and the witness he bore was from the Father. He assured them that he and the Spirit were one and that the Spirit spoke only what had been told by the Father through Jesus. The Spirit would remain with the community until Jesus returned in glory.

Reflection for Families
The connection of trinity is seen in the relationships of our families. Often the Holy Trinity is referred to as love, truth and peace. God the Father loves us. Through his Son, Jesus, God's love is revealed. The peace of the Holy Spirit remains with us as a guide in our faith. Our families are also built on these three values: love, truth and peace. Consider your own family to see where these qualities are noticeable.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
We've all seen through a clover leaf how one item can have three parts. It's a way that visually helps describe the concept of the Trinity. Look for ways that the Trinity can be seen in you own family. Where is love exemplified? How is the truth made known? What brings about peace? Light three candles and pray together thanking God for being present through the Holy Trinity and for the gifts of love, truth, and peace in your family.

Discussion Starters
1. I share in the work of the Holy Trinity when I ...
2. I felt the peace of the Holy Spirit once when ...
3. It is difficult sometimes to tell the truth, but it is always the best way. One time I remember feeling relieved when I told the truth ...


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