Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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Lectionary: 117
Read the Gospel: Luke 12:32-48

Gospel Summary

Jesus told the disciples not to be afraid, but rather to get sturdy purses to hold all they will receive from God. If they served God, their reward would be great—but it would not be the reward of worldly wealth. In the second part of the Gospel, Jesus preached the message of watchfulness and being ready for his return. In a servant explanation of his point, Jesus told them that God would be so happy to see them at the banquet that God would put on an apron and cook a meal for them. This is similar to the message Jesus gave the disciples at the Last Supper when he washed their feet in service.

Reflection for Families

When the third millennium arrived, many people worried that the world would end. We all read accounts of predictions citing signs and scripture. Mostly the mood was one of fear and anxiety. Today’s Gospel assures us that we have nothing to fear. Our only responsibility is to be ready for Jesus’ return. We also hear that we have been entrusted with this Good News. So now what do we do with it? Most likely we know we are basically good people, good parents, and good disciples. But is there something more we can do, or does some part of our responsibility need attention? During these summer days, we might quietly reflect on how we view the end times and check our readiness. How are we doing with the Good News we’ve been given?

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Look around your home and see evidence of where Jesus is present. What will people know about your family and its faith when they walk into your home? What items, activities, or actions in your home show visitors that you are ready for Jesus if he were to return for you today? After considering all you do, share with one another if you think there is more or something else you could do to prepare for Jesus’ return. Perhaps you will think of things you should stop doing. Try to help one another in each person’s efforts to serve others.

Discussion Starters

  1. My heart lies with my treasure which is . . .
  2. If I did not believe in God, I would fear the end of the world because . . .
  3. One way I will try to serve others this week is by . . .