Questions of the Week

Sundays during Ordinary Time II, Year B

11th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B
Lectionary: 92 (The Sower)
Gospel:  Mark 4: 26–34
Adults:  What is the “good soil” that allows my faith to grow like a mustard seed?
Children:  How do I help my faith grow like the mustard seed?

12th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B
Lectionary: 95 (Quite!...Read More »

Solemnities during Ordinary Time, Year B

The Most Holy Trinity, Year B
Lectionary: 165 (Go and Teach)
Gospel:  Matthew 28: 16–20

Adults:      What can I do to proclaim the Good News of Jesus and help people fall in love with him?

Children: What can I do to be a witness...Read More »

Sundays during Easter, Year B

Easter Sunday, Year B
Lectionary: 42 (He Rose from the Dead)
Gospel: John 20: 1-9
Adults:       Why do I believe that I will live with Christ for all eternity?
Children:   Who has helped me believed that I will live with Jesus forever?

2nd Sunday...Read More »

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion, Year B

Lectionary: 38 (The Passion of the Lord)
Gospel: Mark 14:1–15, 47
Adults:       When have I found it hard to accept God’s will? What helped me to accept God’s will?
Children:   When is it hard to obey? And why?

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Sundays during Lent, Year B

Ash Wednesday, Year B
Lectionary: 219 (Purity of Heart)
Gospel: Mark 6:1-6, 16-18
Adults:        What good could I do this week without seeking acknowledgement or praise?
Children:    What good could I do this week without telling others what I have done?

1st Sunday of...Read More »

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