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Second Sunday of Advent, Year B

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Lectionary: 5
Read the Gospel: Mark 1:1-8

Gospel Summary
The Messiah is foretold in Second Isaiah and the words of John the Baptist continue the foretelling during Advent. Just as the Jewish exiles were filled with hope and led home, John the Baptist filled his followers with hope if they would only first repent and then share the Good News. He told the people to accomplish this by turning away from their sinful actions and words.

Reflection for Families
Like John the Baptist, we are the heralds of the Good News to our children. Also like John, we may stand out as "different" when we try to do this. Our children may point out to us that other parents don't go to church, or they allow their children to wander the community, or have parties where under-age drinking is permitted. They look at us as though we're dressed in camel hair and eating locusts when we hold steadfastly to our values. But we know from parents who have already raised their children, our children will come to recognize the value and sincerity of our message and example.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Draw a sketch of a path and allow each family member to suggest where the family's path is straight, where it bends (and what makes it bend), and where there are forks or divisions in the path. Collectively or individually name things that cause bumps in the road or name the smooth spots. During this Advent season make suggestions about ways you can, as a family, follow John the Baptist's advice.

Discussion Starters
1. One thing I plan to do this Advent season in order to prepare for Christ's coming is...
2. My own path is sometimes difficult, but I know someone whose path is even more difficult. This Advent season I will try to help that person by...
3. Some prophets I see in the world today include...

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