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Second Sunday of Advent, Year C

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Lectionary: 6
Read: Luke 3:1-6

Gospel Summary

Luke was very thorough in placing the beginning of John the Baptist’s ministry within a historical context. He set John’s ministry in time by telling who the leaders were in the region.

John’s role was to prepare the way for Jesus and to proclaim a theme of repentance for those who would follow Jesus. Like a Roman corps of engineers filling in gullies and leveling mountains to make roads, John’s job was to make the pathway smooth for those coming to Jesus.

Reflection for Families

Parents we are the most influential messengers in the lives of their children. Like John, without letting up, parents must keep sending the message and pointing to the way of Jesus. When they see that their children are creating “bumps” in their road (or maybe someone is creating bumps for them!), parents are obligated to show them a way to smooth the path.

Children look to their parents as models and they often imitate their behavior. Parents’ actions should reflect the things they tell their children. This Gospel reminds us that seeking forgiveness from God and one another is most certainly an important step in making a straight path.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Recall as many places as you can where the roads have been steep uphills or downhills with hairpin turns or winter roads filled with pot holes or snow and ice. Perhaps you have driven the long, straight roads of the mid-west. How are these roads like our lives or the lives of some people you know?

Have members of the family name times and events in their lives that are like some of the roads you describe. Suggest ways that these roads are like our path to Jesus. What are some things we can do individually or as a family to clear some of the treacherous obstacles and make the road straight and smooth? What can we do to help one another accomplish this goal?

Discussion Starters

  1. My life is an announcement. One thing my actions announce is . . .
  2. A person in my life who helps me straighten my path is . . . when they . . .
  3. One way I will help lead someone to Jesus this Advent season is by . . .


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