Second Sunday of Advent, Year A, Primary

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Primary Session

Matthew 3:1-12


Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
Come Lord Jesus, make room in our hearts for you.
Help us get ready to welcome you on Christmas.
We pray in the name of Christ our Lord.

Opening Life Reflection

The theme for today is the coming of Jesus who brings justice and peace. Begin by inviting the children to design a Christmas tree using symbols of peace and justice. Provide paper Christmas trees cut out of green construction paper and crayons or markers. Give the children some examples of symbols for peace and justice such as, a peace sign, a smile face, a heart, a circle of people holding hands, etc. Discuss:

  • Who are we getting ready for during Advent?
  • How does Jesus help us to live together in peace?
  • How can we celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, this Christmas?


Allow time for discussion. On this second Sunday of Advent we make room in our hearts for Jesus. Jesus brings peace and justice into the world. As Christians we try to be makers of peace.


Listening to the Word of God

In today’s Gospel listen to John the Baptist announce the coming of Jesus.

Read Matthew 3:1-12.

Allow for silence.


Scripture Discussion Starters

  • What does John the Baptist do?
  • How does John the Baptist announce the coming of Jesus?
  • How does John help the people get ready for Jesus?

Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel.

In today’s Gospel we find a bold and courageous character named John the Baptist. John helps people get ready for the coming of Jesus. Out of the wilderness, John the Baptist appears wearing clothing of camel’s hair. His food is locusts and wild honey. John calls people to prepare for the coming of the Messiah promised by God.

In today’s passage, John the Baptist calls for people to change their ways. He baptizes them so they can welcome Jesus into their hearts. John’s mission and message center on Jesus, the coming Messiah, for whom the people have been waiting. John lets the people know that the Lord is coming soon.


Questions for Deeper Reflection

  • Who is John the Baptist?
  • How does the season of Advent help us to welcome Jesus?
  • How can you make room in your heart for Jesus?

[If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.]


Doctrinal Discussion Starters

Justice and Peace as a Sign of the Messianic Era

God is a God of promises. God promised to send his people a savior. Catholics believe that God has worked through Abraham, Moses, and the prophets to bring about salvation. We believe in God’s promise to send a savior, a Messiah. Catholic Christians understand that God’s promise is fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Savior who came to bring about the kingdom of God. Justice and peace are the signs of God’s kingdom. The kingdom of God will be fully here at the end of time when Jesus comes in glory. Through his ministry, Jesus planted the seeds of God’s kingdom on earth. We can help God’s kingdom to blossom by working for justice and peace.

  • What are signs of God’s kingdom?
  • Why did Jesus come into the world?
  • How can you help God’s kingdom to blossom on earth?


The Gospel in Life

How can you be a messenger of peace this week?


Connecting to Faith First® Legacy Edition

At Home Family Guide, theme 24
Kindergarten, page 159
Grade 1, page 241 parish and page 351 school
Grade 2, page 241 parish and page 351 school
Grade 3, page241 parish and page 351 school

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