Second Sunday of Lent, Year C

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Lectionary: 27
Read: Luke 9:28b-36

Gospel Summary
Peter, James and John went with Jesus to pray on a mountain top. The disciples witnessed what we call the transfiguration where Jesus' face became radiant and his clothes dazzling white. Along with Jesus stood Moses and Elijah. The disciples had no idea what was happening and Peter, in his ignorance, suggested that they erect three tents to commemorate the event. As though to correct Peter's misunderstanding, a voice came from the cloud naming Jesus as his son and telling the disciples to listen to him. There was not to be confusion about Moses or Elijah being equal to Jesus nor should Peter have tried to assume control of a holy happening, but rather listen to this holy one.

Reflection for Families
Parents and older siblings are often in a privileged situation to see a radiant look on a joyful child's face. Maybe it's how they light up when special company arrives, or maybe the look of delight at a special gift or surprise. What kind of transfigurations have you seen this week either in the faces of children, friends, co-workers, or even in yourself?

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Share places where you have seen change, perhaps in your family and home, school, work place, neighborhood or community. Suggest ways that these changes are transforming for you and others. Jesus marked the end of an ancient age and the beginning of something new. How are the changes you see like the end of something old and the beginning of something new? How are you involved in that change? How are you part of the change Jesus brings?

Discussion Starters

1. God spoke from a cloud at the Transfiguration. I believe we still hear his voice in ...
2. The Transfiguration was a preview of heaven. I believe heaven will be ...
3. One of the changes I am making in my own life during this Lenten season is ...


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