Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 110B
Read: John: 6:1-15

Gospel Summary
Today’s Gospel reading is a familiar one. The crowds continue to follow Jesus, and he is concerned about feeding them. The disciples do not have enough food or money to provide for the crowds. A boy provides the start of the meal that will feed the multitudes—five loaves and two fish. From a humble offering all are provided for.

Reflection for Parents
Think about the opportunities you have had in recent weeks to respond generously to the needs of others. Perhaps a coworker was having a rough day and an invitation to lunch was the generous response that fed his or her spirit. Perhaps a parishioner is facing huge medical bills and a special collection offered your family an opportunity to support him or her in this difficult time. Perhaps the parish food pantry was low on peanut butter and cereal, and you invited your children to come with you to fill a grocery cart and to deliver the much-needed food. In all of these acts of generosity you are showing your children how to be like the boy in today’s Gospel—how to pay attention to others’ needs, how to respond to those needs, and what happens when you do respond to those needs.

Bringing the Good News Into Your Family
Look together at your parish bulletin for opportunities to respond generously to the needs of others. Choose an opportunity that is appropriate for your entire family to take part in. Make an action plan and follow through on your plan.

Discussion Starters

     1. One time I was like the boy in the Gospel was when . . .
     2. A need I have seen in recent days is . . .
     3. Something I can do to help meet that need is . . .