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Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B

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Lectionary: 60
Read the Gospel: John 17:11b-19

Gospel Summary
As Jesus prepares to return to God, he is in the midst of a long prayer for his disciples. It is a prayer for unity even though Judas is no longer among the disciples. Jesus asks his Father to seal and strengthen the disciples as they will now be the ones to carry out the work begun by Jesus. He especially asks that they not be influenced by the evil one.

Reflection for Families
It is likely that John is making a connection between Jesus asking God to commission the disciples and the fact that the Church is being passed on from the first generation to the second. As parents (and probably as every generation of parents) we know how unsettling that can be! We worry about things like the next generation not working hard enough, not saving enough money, not valuing important things, and in general, they just don't think like we do! But isn't it amazing how life goes on and pretty well at that. We need to be clear to our children that we believe in them and have faith in God. Try for one week (or even one day) to consider each statement you make to your children or in their presence. Will they have the feeling that you are really hopeful for the future their generation will bring?

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Designate a special cup as a "blessing cup" in your home. At a meal when the family is gathered, pour wine or grape juice into the cup. Have one adult begin by stating one thing about his/her faith that is important to pass on to the children. The adult may then take a sip of wine and pass the cup to the next person. Children may decide if they want to share something important that has been passed on to them or something they hope some day to pass on to their own children. When the cup has returned to the person starting, s/he may say these or similar words: "Let this cup be a reminder to us of all that has been passed down through the years. Amen.

Discussion Starters
1. The most important thing I want to pass on about my faith is...
2. I believe that God is leading me to take the next step as a disciple by...
3. One way in which I do not belong to the world is...

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