Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B

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Lectionary: 60B
Read the Gospel: John 17:11b-19

Gospel Summary
In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus is praying for his disciples. He asks his Father to keep them in his name, to make them one, to protect them from the evil one, and to consecrate them in the truth. He acknowledges that while his disciples are in the world, they do not belong to the world. They are, however, sent into the world to share the Good News they have seen and heard.

Reflection for Parents
In a way, Jesus is talking with his heavenly Father about passing on the mission, the work of the Church, to the next generation of leaders—the disciples. Our children are our next generation. They are the ones who will carry on the rituals, traditions, stories, and yes—the faith—that you have taught them and shared with them. Take time to think about the ways in which you are handing on the traditions, rituals, and stories of your Catholic faith. What more can you do to prepare your children, the next generation, to go out into the world to share the Good News?

Bringing the Good News Into Your Family
Purchase or designate a special cup as a blessing cup for use in your home. On special occasions, monthly, or at Sunday dinner, pour wine or grape juice into the cup. Invite an adult family member to begin the blessing cup ritual by naming one thing about his or her faith that is important to pass on to the children in the family. That family member should take a sip of the wine or grape juice and pass the cup to the next person, and the passing of the cup continues until all family members have spoken. (Children could be invited to share something about their faith that has been passed on to them by their parents, a teacher, or the pastor.) When the cup has been returned to the person who began the blessing cup ritual, she or he may pray, “May this blessing cup be a reminder of the faith we share and of our call to share that faith with others. Amen.”

Discussion Starters

  1. When Jesus sends me into the world each day, here are some of the places where I go . . .
  2. When Jesus said that his disciples do not belong to the world, I think he meant . . .
  3. Truth is important because . . .