Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B, Primary

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Primary Session
John 17:11b-19

Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
Loving God,
Thank you for all the people in our lives who have shown you to us. Help us show your love to others, too. Through Christ Jesus we pray.

Opening Life Reflection
Using a ball of yarn, have participants toss the ball from one person to the next. Instruct them to say their name, the name of someone who passed on his or her faith and what the person did to pass the faith on. After everyone has had a chance to toss and share, encourage the group to remember each person’s story by unraveling the web.

Listening to the Word of God
In the gospel today, Jesus asks God to help the disciples tell others about God’s love.

Read John 17:11b-19
Allow for silence.

Scripture Discussion Starters
• What did Jesus ask of God for the disciples?
• Why do you think Jesus asked God to help the disciples?
• Why is unity important for discipleship?

Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel using the Catechist Background section.

Jesus knows he is about to return to God, but wants to be sure that the disciples will continue the work he began. In this scripture passage, Jesus is in the midst of a prayer asking God to seal and strengthen the disciples for this job.

Questions for Deeper Reflection

• If you were one of the disciples, what do you think your responsibility would have been in this prayer?
• What do you think your responsibility is today?
• Why is it important for all Christians to be unified?

[If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.]

Doctrinal Discussion Starters
The Church has a particular mission and order of leadership.
Jesus entrusts the mission of the Church to the Apostles and he prays to God asking that God help them in their work. Jesus asks God to protect them in a specific way so that they might know the truth and be guarded from anyone or anything that would prevent them from doing this work. These Apostles, then, were the first leaders of the Church. These leaders, and those who follow them to this very day, are included in Jesus’ prayer that they might proclaim the faith and work toward bringing about the Kingdom of God. All those who come after Jesus, the Apostles and leaders through the ages down to our own, hand on the words, beliefs, and faith initiated by Christ. All leaders of the Church are called to lead as servants of others, just as Jesus was a servant to all. Every one of us, who believes in Jesus, shares in the mission of the Church and has responsibility to pass on that faith.

• How can you help show God’s love to others?
• What do you have in common with the Apostles?
• How do you see leaders of the Church serving others?

Sacrament Connection
One of the Church’s seven sacraments is “Holy Orders.” In this sacrament, priests are ordained to carry out the mission of the Church begun by Jesus. These priests are called to serve others, to pass on the faith and teachings of Jesus, to guide and lead the faithful followers of Jesus, and to show them God’s love. In this way, priests help bring about the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Gospel in Life
Imagine that you are ordained as a priest today. What are some of the things you would do to be a servant leader, showing others the love of God?

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