Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, Primary

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Primary Session
Luke 6:27-38

Opening Prayer
Let us pray.
Loving God,
You want us to be kind to the people we like and even to the people we do not like.
Help us to show your wonderful love to others.
In the name of Jesus we pray.


Opening Life Reflection
The focus of today’s session is Jesus’ message to go beyond loving only those who love us in return. To begin, find volunteers to role-play (or use puppets) to demonstrate a situation where someone who is being mistreated resolves the conflict by extending kindness and forgiveness. Discuss:
• What did you learn from the role-play (or puppet show)?
• Is it difficult sometimes to be kind to people who are not kind to us?
• Why is it important to forgive those who cause us harm?

Allow time for discussion. Jesus tells us that it is easy to love those who love us in return. With God’s help we are called to love even those who we consider our “enemies.”


Listening to the Word of God
In the gospel Jesus tells us to love our enemies. Listen to find out what else Jesus has to say.

Read Luke 6:27-38.
Allow for silence.


Scripture Discussion Starters
• What does Jesus say about loving those who love us?
• Who does Jesus tell us to love and forgive?
• What does Jesus say about how we should treat one another?


Scripture Background
Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel.

In today’s gospel Jesus teaches us to be generous with our love. He tells us to love not only those who love us in return, but to love our enemies as well. It is easy to love the people who love us, but we need God’s help to love all people.

Jesus loved all people, even those who hurt him. He even forgave the very people who mocked him and killed him. Jesus showed us the kind of love that God has for us. Even when we feel that we do not deserve to be loved, God loves us anyway.


Questions for Deeper Reflection
• How can you be generous with your love?
• How can Jesus help you to forgive those who hurt you?
• When do you do good things without expecting anything in return?

[If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.]


Doctrinal Discussion Starters
Love of Enemies

Jesus’ commandment to love God and neighbor includes love for one’s enemies. As followers of Jesus we are to love God and love all people. This includes even those whom we consider our “enemies.” God gives us the grace to love all people. Jesus shows us how to forgive. Jesus forgave those who mocked him and put him to death.

We all need to stand up for ourselves when we are being harmed or mistreated. However, as followers of Jesus we are called to be peacemakers and children of love.

• How can you be a peacemaker in your family?
• How can you be a peacemaker at school?
• How can you show God’s love to all people?


The Gospel in Life
Think of one way that you can show God’s love to someone in your family this week.


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