Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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Lectionary: 108
Read the Gospel: Luke 10:38-42

Gospel Summary
Jesus upset a few Jewish norms in this Gospel about Mary and Martha. First it was unusual for a single man to be a guest in the home of a single woman, and secondly, it was usually the most acclaimed male student of a rabbi who received tutoring such as Mary. It was not the break in these norms that disturbed Mary's sister, Martha, so much as the fact that Mary sat listening to Jesus' teaching instead of helping her sister with the responsibilities of hospitality. Jesus, of course, knew that it was important to tend to the household chores, but he also wanted to make the point that in order to love and serve God, it was important to hear the Word of God.

Reflection for Families
Parents (especially mothers!) often classify themselves as Marys or Marthas. The demands of caring for a family while often earning a living outside the home, makes a Martha out of most of us whether that's what we want to be or not. We really have to concentrate on being Mary not only in our attentiveness to God but in our relationships with our families. Sometimes we have to schedule time to relax and just be with one another. Being is often more wise, more healthy, and more loving than doing.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Listen to God's Word together as a family. Have each member of the family share a favorite Bible story. Depending on the ages of people, either retell a story, read it from the Bible or use a children's Bible. When the family member is finished telling his/her story, have that person explain why it is a favorite story and how the story helps us live today according to the way God wants us to live.

Discussion Starters
1. I am more like Mary/Martha because ...
2. One way I will work to keep a balance of working/serving and listening to God's word is ...
3. I will try to be more welcoming to someone who is difficult for me by ...