Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year C

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Read Sunday’ Gospel, John 14:23-29

Gospel Summary

In this Gospel, Jesus prepared his disciples for his return to God. Jesus promised them that the Holy Spirit would live within them and provide strength and courage. The Spirit would always be available to help them as a counselor and advocate. Through the Spirit, they would recall the words and teachings of Jesus and even come to understand these things in a way that they could not before. In addition the disciples would receive peace from the Spirit. The peace of the Spirit would be a “shalom” kind of peace which provided a special inner serenity.

Reflection for Families

This reading is especially helpful when parents have to explain death to their children. Jesus told his disciples that if they truly loved him, they would be happy that he was going to be with his Father. While the words are sometimes hard, even for us as we face a loss through death, our faith lets us know that Jesus and our loved ones are truly happy in a way we can’t fully understand. Jesus offered the Spirit to the disciples because he knew the days ahead would be hard for them. It is that same Spirit that helps us and our families when we face hard days following a death. The greatest news in this reading is that Jesus will be back for us!

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would be with us in the world until he returned for us. Take a look in your parish bulletin, local newspaper, or at school, work, or in your neighborhood and list as many examples as you can where you see the Holy Spirit at work in the world. If you notice someone on your list who needs to be reminded that the Spirit is active in their lives, call or visit them and let Jesus’ presence be seen through you.

Discussion Starters

  1. This week I saw the Holy Spirit’s presence in . . .
  2. One time I know the Holy Spirit was really guiding me was when . . .
  3. It helps me to know that Jesus is coming back for us especially when I think about . . .

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