Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 77
Read the Gospel: Mark 1:40-45

Gospel Summary
In today’s Gospel, a leper asks Jesus to make him clean, knowing that Jesus has the power to do so. Jesus is moved with pity, reaches out his hand, touches the leper, and heals him. Jesus tells the leper to tell no one, but the leper spreads the news of his healing to all he meets. As a result, many people come to Jesus for healing.

Reflection for Parents
It takes discipline to keep our excitement to ourselves. We tell a close friend and make him or her promise not to tell, but somehow word gets out, and before we know it everyone knows what’s going on! In today’s Gospel, Jesus asks the leper not to share the news of his healing. This invites us to stop and think. Are we good at keeping confidences? Can we wait to share good news until the time is right to do so? A part of being trustworthy is being able to keep things in confidence when we are asked to do so. Why do you think Jesus asked the leper to tell no one of what happened? What happened when the leper told everyone of what happened to him?

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Think of people your family knows (or knows about) who are excluded or ignored by others. Maybe there is someone at school who has a disability, or whose clothes are worn out or dirtier than everyone else’s. Maybe there’s someone at work whose odd behavior is off-putting. In our communities those who are excluded or ignored might include the homeless, the unemployed, or those in prison, foster homes, or hospitals. As a family, talk about ways you can reach out to the people you name, just as Jesus reached out to the leper. Decide on one action you will take in the coming weeks.

Discussion Starters

  1. A time when I felt excluded or ignored, like the leper, was when ______.
  2. Someone I find it hard to include or reach out to is ______ because ______.
  3. I would find it hard to keep quiet if ___________________.