Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, Primary

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Primary Session
Luke 6:17, 20-26


Opening Prayer
Let us pray.
God of our happiness, you want us to be happy.
Help us to find happiness in caring for others.
In the name of Jesus we pray.


Opening Life Reflection
The Beatitudes are the theme for today’s session. They are the heart of Jesus’ preaching. Since we soon will celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, begin with a heart-making activity. Provide pink, red, or white hearts cut out of construction paper and crayons for the children. Invite them to draw a picture inside the heart of how caring for others and caring for God’s creation can make them happy.

Invite each child to share their heart with the group. Discuss:

• How do you show care and respect for others?
• How do you show care and respect for God’s creation?

The Beatitudes teach us that people who care for and respect others and care for God’s creation are blessed by God.


Listening to the Word of God
In today’s Gospel listen to find out whom Jesus calls “blessed.”

Read Luke 6:17, 20-26.
Allow for silence.


Scripture Discussion Starters
• Who does Jesus call “blessed?”
• Why does Jesus call those who are poor and hungry “blessed?”
• How do the people whom Jesus calls “blessed” find happiness?


Scripture Background
Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel.

In today’s gospel Luke gives us his version of the “Beatitudes.” Jesus preaches about the blessings that come from doing what is right and good. We call these blessings the Beatitudes. Jesus tells the disciples how “blessed” are the poor, the hungry, the sad, and the persecuted, for they will be rewarded in heaven. Jesus’ sermon brings great hope to the poor and mistreated. They are promised happiness in the kingdom of heaven. The Beatitudes tell us about the happiness that God wants for every person.


Questions for Deeper Reflection
• How do the Beatitudes help to teach us how to live?
• Who are the people that you would call “blessed?”
• Which one of the Beatitudes would you pick as your favorite? Why?

[If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.]


Doctrinal Discussion Starters
Our Vocation to Beatitude

We all want to be happy. God has placed the desire for happiness in our hearts. We look for happiness throughout our lives. The desire for happiness was placed in our hearts so that we would turn to God. God can satisfy our desire for happiness.

The Beatitudes promise ultimate happiness to all those who trust in God. The Beatitudes show us how to find happiness in caring for and respecting others. True happiness is not found in worldly things but in God alone.

• What makes you happy?
• How can you make choices that lead to your happiness?
• Where does God want us to look for happiness?


The Gospel in Life
Bring home the heart picture that you made in the opening activity. This week try to make your picture come to life by doing something caring for someone in your family.


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