Solemnity of the Epiphany, Years ABC

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Lectionary: 20
Read the Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12

Gospel Summary
The Magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, asking the whereabouts of the newborn king of the Jews. Herod was troubled by this news of the birth, as was all of Jerusalem. He sent the Magi to Bethlehem to search for the child, asking that they bring the child to him so that he could do the child homage. The Magi set out and followed the star to the place where the child was. They did the child homage and offered him their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But they were warned in a dream not to return to Herod, and they left for their country by a different route.

Reflection for Parents
This Gospel narrative is full of adventure, danger, mystery, and yes—gifts! During this Christmas season, enjoy dramatizing this Gospel as a family. Then think about how far you would travel, how far you would go to pay homage to Jesus. Would you go as far as your parish to receive the Sacraments or to spend some time in quiet prayer? Would you go as far as the soup kitchen to serve a meal to the hungry? Would you go as far as to tell someone to stop bullying a classmate or a coworker? Would you go as far as to give up a morning cup of coffee or a favorite treat in order to give to someone in need the gift of food or clothing or the necessities of life? How far would you go? What would you give as your gifts to the King?

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family
The star led the Magi to the place where Jesus was. With your family, cut out several yellow construction paper stars. On each star write either a way you can find Jesus—such as “read God’s Word”—or the name of a person who has helped you find Jesus, such as “Grandma Joan.” Create a mobile of your stars using coat hangers and yarn or string. Hang your stars in a place where all family members will see them.

Discussion Starters

  1. I can be like a star and show Jesus to others by . . .
  2. The greatest gift I can give Jesus is . . .
  3. The greatest gift our family can give Jesus is . . .