Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Year A

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Lectionary: 167
Read: John: 6:51-58

Gospel Summary
As much as Jesus' listeners didn't understand how Jesus could really mean that they were to eat his body and drink his blood, Jesus made it very clear that that was precisely what he did mean. Once again, it was hard for the people of Jesus' day (and still hard for us today, too) to understand what Jesus tried to say because they only thought in earthly, literal terms. This Gospel passage gives us one of our firm foundations for the institution of the Eucharist so that, in faith, we will eat the bread that will give us everlasting life.

Reflection for Families
Many times we prepare our children for the "big" events in their lives forgetting how much of life takes place in the ordinary moments. For example, first communion is often a big production either at the hands of the parish or how families choose to dress their children and celebrate after mass. The really important message of this Gospel reading, however, is how joyful and thankful are we when we receive our one hundredth or one thousandth communion. Our goal might be to help our children continue to be thankful and joyful each time they receive communion. This can happen when they see how happy we are to receive communion ourselves.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
After an evening meal this week, talk together about how your family was fed at the meal. Did you affirm one another? Did you listen to the stories told, the events of each person's day? Think about how each person individually and together as a family you were nourished by the food and conversation. See if your family can come up with any similarities to the nourishment of your meal and the nourishment offered us at Mass and in community with others.

Discussion Starters
1. What I am most thankful for at Eucharist is . . .
2. Jesus promises me "real life" in this Gospel. To me this means . . .
3. I know I received the "bread of life" when . . .

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