Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, Year A

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Lectionary: 160
Read: Matthew 25:31-46

Gospel Summary
On this final Sunday of the Church year, the feast of Christ the King, we learn most definitely how our lives will be measured. They will be measured by the love we show. Whenever we offer a drink of water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, clothing to the naked, or whenever we visit the sick or imprisoned, or take in the stranger, we show our love to God. Through our actions toward the poor, vulnerable, estranged and discouraged we show our love of God. If we ignore these people, we also ignore God.

Reflection for Families
It is easy to see the meaning of this gospel through our actions toward our children. Never in true thirst or hunger would we deny them. If they were sick or cold we would take care of them ourselves or see to it that someone helped us. It's taking this gospel to the next level that will help our children see the meaning of love through our example. Not only will they witness love through our loving actions toward others, but there will be many opportunities along the way to have our children share in these actions of love.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Through our parishes, schools, and communities, there are a number of opportunities for adults to demonstrate God's love - not through some sense of obligation, but from a genuine love of others. Most of these opportunities allow for the whole family to participate. For example, adults may make communion calls to someone who is homebound. Often these folks eagerly welcome the sight of a child or if that's not possible, children can make care cards to be delivered at the call. Think of one way as a family you might carry out at least one of the actions of the gospel.

Discussion Starters
1. There was a time I recall being moved completely by love to help another person when...
2. The hardest part about this gospel passage for me is...
3. I was one of "the least" and someone helped me out of love. I remember feeling...