Sundays during Easter, Year B

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Easter Sunday, Year B
Lectionary: 42 (He Rose from the Dead)
Gospel: John 20: 1-9
Adults: Why do I believe that I will live with Christ for all eternity?
Children: Who has helped me believed that I will live with Jesus forever?

2nd Sunday of Easter, Year B
Lectionary: 44 (He Showed Them)
Gospel: John 20:19–31
Adults: What can I do to inspire my family to resemble the first Christians?
Children: What can my family and I do to help others who are in need?

3rd Sunday of Easter, Year B
Lectionary: 47 (Do not be afraid, it is I)
Gospel: Luke 24:35–48
Adults: What questions about Jesus still arise in the midst of my faith?
Children: What question would I ask someone about Jesus appearing to the Apostles?

4th Sunday of Easter, Year B
Lectionary: 50 (The Good Shepherd)
Gospel: John 10:11–18
Adults: Who is shepherding me? Who have I shepherded?
Children: Who has been like a shepherd to me by their example?

5th Sunday of Easter, Year B
Lectionary: 53 (Give Fruit in Abundance)
Gospel: John 15:1-8
Adults: When have has God pruned me so that I could grow and give life?
Children: When have I felt good because I did something to help someone?

6th Sunday of Easter, Year B
Lectionary: 56 (Give Your Life for Them)
Gospel: John 15:9–17
Adults: How is love of others connected to love for God?
Children: How can I show Jesus’ love to others this week?

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, Year B
Lectionary: 58 (Seated to the Right)
Gospel: Mark 16:15–20
Adults: How can I continue with the mission of Jesus in the world?
Children: How have I told others about Jesus? Have I helped them like Jesus teaches?

7th Sunday of Easter, Year B
Lectionary: 60 (Be One)
Gospel: John 17:11b–19
Adults: Who needs my prayers this week?
Children: Who can I pray for this week?

Solemnity of Pentecost, Year B
Lectionary: 63 (Baptized in the Spirit)
Gospel: John 20:19–23
Adults: When has the Holy Spirit given me the strength to act with courage?
Children: What gifts has the Holy Spirit brought into my life?