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Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 89
Read:  Mark 3:20 - 35

Gospel Summary

Today’s gospel begins and ends with the theme of family, which is sandwiched between a dispute about the relationship of Jesus to the world of demonic power.   The gospel begins with the family of Jesus questioning his sanity.  For many, the message that Jesus proclaimed was troubling and upsetting, and so his family began to wonder if he is out of his mind. This is followed by the narrative of the Scribes asking about the power of Jesus.  Did his power come from “Beelzebub,” the name of an unclean spirit in Jewish literature, who is perhaps a demonic prince. 

Jesus brilliantly responds by turning the tables on them. It is not Jesus but those whose hearts are hardened (through rejecting God’s representative) who are in danger of irrevocably separating themselves from God’s friendship.  The gospel then returns to the theme of family.  The bonds of our relationship with Jesus result from doing the will of God.  Each of us is challenged to conversion.   

Reflection for Families

Jesus clearly states that in doing the will of God one becomes part of the family of God.  In a world where often inheritance, wealth, or being born into the right family gives special privileges, we see Jesus changing all of that.  Through our Baptism, we are born again and become adopted sons and daughters of God.  And because we are children of God, we are called to act like children of God.  This means living the Beatitudes and all of Jesus’ teachings.  The way that Jesus lived his life gives us the perfect example of doing the will of God.  We too are called to live as Jesus taught us to live.  

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Think about what you know about the life of Jesus.  Have family members share some of their favorite stories about Jesus.  Divide a large sheet of paper into two columns.  In the one column, make a list of your family’s favorite stories from the life of Jesus.  In the other column, describe the example that Jesus is giving us about the way Jesus wants us to live our lives today. 

A few years ago, there was a very popular wrist band “WWJD” — “What Would Jesus Do.”  On a second sheet of paper, ask family members to list some situations from daily life that may be a challenge for making a good choice.  Then brainstorm ways to respond to these situations that show you are doing the will of God. 

Discussion Starters 

  1. One of the ways that my family looks out for me, and helps me to do what is right is ….
  2. One of the things I learned from my family about how to do the will of God is …
  3. One thing I will change about myself so that I can better do the will of God is …

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