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Third Sunday of Advent, Year C

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Lectionary: 9
Read: Luke 3:10-18

Gospel Summary
The crowds approached John the Baptist and asked how they should live in order to be ready to follow the Messiah. John responded by telling them to share and to not take more than they are entitled to.

The people wondered if John might be the Messiah for whom they had been waiting, but he cleared up any misunderstanding by saying that he was not. For sure, the Messiah would come after John, but John was not worthy even to be the Messiah’s slave who would untie his sandal.

Reflection for Parents
How many times a day do parents, in the young lives of their children, preach this Gospel message: share and don’t take more than your share! Especially in the formative years, these are valuable social skills, but they are also life lessons for people of all ages. A part of our human nature wants to hoard—just in case.

This insecurity causes us to share only reluctantly, and if we take a little more than our share, we will have an extra amount in case we find ourselves in need. The message of this Gospel encourages us to change that thinking. If we act as God wants us to, others will share with us as well as we share with them. If we take only what we need, there will be enough for everyone.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family
Consider ways during this Advent season that your family can share with others. Check your parish bulletin or community news page to see what opportunities might be available for giving to others this holiday season. There might be food or clothing drives, opportunities to visit or assist shut-ins.

How about the old-fashioned idea of caroling—especially to those who can’t get out or may be finding this holiday season especially difficult?

Discussion Starters

  1. There is much evidence in the world today that people do what John said in this Gospel. One way I see people share (or not take more than their share) is . . .
  2. The hardest thing for me to share is . . .
  3. I will show someone my joy and anticipation for Jesus by . . .

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