Third Sunday of Easter, Year A

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Lectionary: 46
Read: Luke 24:13-35

Gospel Summary
Despondent and discouraged, two of Jesus' apostles walked from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They talked on their way about the events that had occurred in the past several days. A stranger joined them, actually Jesus, but they didn't recognize him at first. Jesus asked the apostles what they had been discussing, and they responded with a summary of the events surrounding Jesus' death. The disciples still did not understand the resurrection, but Jesus questioned their resistance to believe what the prophets had foretold. Despite their hopelessness the apostles invited Jesus to stay with them. He accepted. It was that evening, when Jesus broke bread with them, that the disciples finally recognized the stranger to be Jesus. The next morning, the disciples returned to Jerusalem.

Reflection for Families
To travel from Jerusalem to Emmaus, the disciples had to go west. But after their encounter with Jesus, they returned to Jerusalem, an eastward Journey. We often equate endings with sunsets and new beginnings with sunrises. It is helpful to recall that on the next morning, the apostles walked toward the rising sun. How many sunsets find us falling into bed collapsed from exhaustion? Isn't it true that after a good night's rest we meet the sunrise with new energy and hope? This Gospel gives us the courage to start again, each new day, with fresh enthusiasm and energy for ourselves, our families, and our God.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Bake bread together and consider each ingredient as you add it. For example, when you add flour, think of someone who holds things together for your family. When you add salt, consider a person who adds flavor to life, and when sugar is added, whose sweetness reflects God's love? Separately these ingredients are all good, but how much more are they when they are combined and baked? Help each member of the family reflect on this experience.

Discussion Starters
1. I had a sunset/sunrise experience once when . . .
2. There is a particular sunset I keep walking toward. I know I need to turn around and face the sunrise. I have a plan to do this . . .
3. The most important thing about our family breaking bread together is . . .

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