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Third Sunday of Lent, Year B

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Lectionary: 29
Read the Gospel: John 2:13-25

Gospel Summary
It is not clear to scholars exactly what precipitated Jesus' reaction at the Temple. In what would appear to be a fit of anger, Jesus used a whip to drive out the animals, and overturned tables sending people, animals, and coins scurrying in all directions. The people took Jesus' words literally and because of their immature faith, they were looking for signs. That is why in this gospel where Jesus says he will destroy the Temple but raise it back up in three days, people were dumbfounded. The Temple had been under construction for over forty years and was still not complete. It is no wonder when they heard that Jesus would raise it up in three days, that they could not comprehend his meaning. They lacked the faith to understand that Jesus referred to the raising of his own body in three days - a temple they did not recognize.

Reflection for Families
How many times have we seen our children use objects for purposes other than what they were intended? On garbage day a skateboard might become wheels for a trash can, or a baseball bat might be used as a wood splitter, and a fishing pole used to retrieve a ball from the gutters. It stifles creativity to insist that items be used for the purpose they were intended, but it does ensure that they will last to do the job they were made for. In a sense, this is what Jesus meant for the people to do in today's gospel. The Temple was God's house and that's the purpose for which it was to be used. It was not a marketplace or a bank. To see it used as such, brought out the passionate devotion Jesus had for his Father's house. And with all he had, Jesus wanted to protect it.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Try to think of places where you know injustices occur. Consider how these areas are similar to the experience Jesus had walking into the Temple and seeing it misused. What steps can you as a family take to correct the misuses you thought of? How might forcefulness help remedy the situation?

Discussion Starters
1. I know how Jesus felt because I can remember a time when someone didn't respect something of mine when...
2. If I think of my life as a temple, I must admit that like a marketplace, I let in distractions. Some of them include...
3. During this Lenten season one thing I will do to show my zeal for the House of God is...

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