Third Sunday of Lent, Year B

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Lectionary: 29
Read the Gospel: John 2:13-25

Gospel Summary
It is not clear to scholars exactly what precipitated Jesus' reaction at the Temple. In what would appear to be a fit of anger, Jesus used a whip to drive out the animals. The Jews challenged Jesus, who replied,   “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” They thought Jesus was referring to the temple that had been under construction for forty years, but Jesus was speaking of the resurrection of the temple of his body—a temple they did not recognize.  

Reflection for Parents

Think about ways your family members use everyday objects for purposes other than those for which they are intended. Perhaps a teenager responsible for taking out the garbage rolls the garbage can to the curb on his or her skateboard. An old blender might now be used to mix paints. A refrigerator box has been magically transformed into a fort.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus warns us that the Temple—God the Father’s house—does not exist to serve as a marketplace or as a bank. It is a holy place with a holy purpose. Take a few moments to think about what happens in God’s house, your parish church. Think about the purpose for which this house of God exists. Then think about your domestic Church, your “Church of the home.” Is it serving the purpose for which it was created? Is it a holy place with a holy purpose?

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family

Work together to identify ways that your domestic Church, your “Church of the home,” is a holy place—a place where God dwells. For example, perhaps your domestic Church is a place where family members, neighbors, and friends are made to feel welcomed and loved. Or, perhaps your family members—the members of your domestic Church—pray together each day or take part in a ministry to the poor. Encourage all family members to take part in the discussion. Invite suggestions for becoming even more of a holy place—a place where God dwells.

From this discussion, write a three- to five- sentence family mission statement that begins: “Our domestic Church is a holy place—a place where God dwells. Together we . . .” Create a poster of your mission statement and display it in a place where all family members will see it.


Discussion Starters

  1. Some people today misuse God the Father’s house—our parish church—when they . . .



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