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Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 98
Read: Mark 5:21-43

Gospel Summary
Mark tells two stories at the same time in this Gospel. First of all in the crowd, a woman who had been suffering with an illness for many years, touched Jesus' robe and was immediately healed. At the same time, walking with Jesus in the crowd is Jairus, a prominent official of the synagogue. Jairus had searched out Jesus to ask for his help in healing his daughter. When the woman touched JesusÕ robe, he felt the healing energy flow through him and searched out the person who had touched him. When the woman came forward, Jesus told her that she was healed by her own faith. At that very moment, people from the officialÕs house came to him telling him that his daughter was dead, that he should not bother with the teacher anymore but come home. Jesus went with the man and healed his daughter.

Reflection for Families
As parents we can easily understand the synagogue officialÕs desperation in seeking out Jesus. It is clear from the response of those who came to get him that he was moving outside the circle of his friends. They told him not to trouble the teacher anymoreÐperhaps as much as to ask why he even bothered in the first place. They did not have his faith. Parents will fight to the end and not hold back any energy in an effort to save their children. But we are only human and today's Gospel reminds us that we canÕt manage alone. We need God's help and must continue to have faith in GodÕs plan for us and for our children.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Does your family know people who are sick? Make a prayer card for these people and lift them up in prayer every day. You might even send them a cheerful note or card and let them know your family is praying for them.

Discussion Starters

1. I had experience once with God's healing power when...
2. Like the hemorrhaging woman in todayÕs Gospel, I have seen great strength in someone when...
3. One area of my life where I wish my faith was as strong as the woman's and Jairus' is...

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