Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, Primary

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Primary Session
Mark 10:46-52

Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
God our loving parent, you call us each by name.
Help us to live as your children.
In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Opening Life Reflection

Begin the session by writing “shining stars” on top of a large sheet of paper or chalkboard. Invite the children to brainstorm all the people they can think of as being shining stars. Discuss:

  • Why are these people shining stars?
  • What talents do they share with others?

Next add each child’s name to the paper or chalkboard. Make the connection that each one of them is a shining star. Discuss:

  • What special talent do you have to share?

Allow time for discussion. Point out that just as the stars in the sky reflect light, baptized Christians are called to reflect God’s love. All God’s children are called to be shining stars. When we share the talents that God has given us, we bring God’s light and love into the world.

Listening to the Word of God

In the gospel reading, listen to hear what Jesus does when a blind man calls out to him. Notice how the blind man’s faith saves him.
Read Mark 10:46-52.
Allow for silence.

Scripture Discussion Starters

  • Why does the blind man call out to Jesus for help?
  • What does Jesus do?
  • How does the blind man respond to Jesus calling him?
  • Why does Jesus tell Bartimaeus that his faith saved him?
  • What does Bartimaeus do after he is cured?

Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel using the Catechist Background section.

The gospel story of Jesus curing Bartimaeus of his blindness tells us about the call to follow Jesus. Bartimaeus is blind yet he calls out to Jesus, “Son of David.” This shows us that even though Bartimaeus is blind, he “sees” Jesus as the Messiah.

Jesus stops and says to his disciples, “call him.” When Bartimaeus hears the call of Jesus he leaps toward him. Bartimaeus asks Jesus to heal him of his blindness. Jesus heals him and sends Bartimaeus on his way saying that his faith has healed him.

Jesus allows Bartimaeus to see. With his sight Bartimaeus is able to see Jesus for who he really is. After seeing Jesus, there is no turning back. The only choice for Bartimaeus is to follow Jesus.

Questions for Deeper Reflection

  • Do you think that Jesus hears you when you call out to him?
  • When do you ask Jesus for help?
  • How does Jesus help you?

(If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.)

Doctrinal Discussion Starters

The Common Priesthood of the Baptized

Catholics believe that through the sacrament of baptism, all God’s people share in the common priesthood. Every Christian is called to be holy and live as a child of God. The Holy Spirit helps everyone who is baptized to live as a follower of Christ.

The ordained priesthood of bishops and priests is not the same as the common priesthood. Rather, they are ordained to be at the service of the common priesthood of all believers. But remember Jesus Christ is the source of all ministries in the Church.

  • What do you remember about your baptism?
  • How do the ordained priests in your parish serve others?
  • How does the Holy Spirit help you to live as a child of God?

The Gospel in Life

Ask a family member to tell you about your baptism. If you have any pictures or symbols from your baptism take them out and look at them. How does remembering your baptism help you to live as a child of God?


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