Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

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Lectionary: 157
Read: Matthew 25:14-30

Gospel Summary
In this story, a man went away on a journey. He must have been very wealthy because he entrusted large portions of his money to three of his servants. The first two servants invested the money during the master's absence and it yielded great returns. The third servant, however, was fearful of investing (or some scholars say he was lazy). In either case, the servant buried the money he was given and returned the full amount to the master when he came home. The master was pleased with the investments of the first two servants, but was very upset with the third one. To those who have much, much more will be given. To those who have little, even that little will be taken away.

Reflection for Families
God has given each one of us talents. Sometimes out of laziness or lack of ambition, or sometimes because we are afraid of failure or ridicule, we do not share our talents. The gospel today challenges us to take a risk and invest our gifts for the greater good of God's people. We do this ourselves as adults, but we must also try to help our children recognize their talents and use them in a productive way.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Perhaps you keep a scrapbook for your children, or have a huge box of clippings, photos, projects, or programs that document their accomplishments. Go through these items together and affirm the gifts of each other. Talk about ways members of the family are using their gifts to build up the Kingdom of God. Brainstorm ideas of new ways you can use your gifts, or even look for gifts in each other not previously recognized.

Discussion Starters
1. If God came today and asked to see what I had done with my talents, I would be able to show him...
2. The servant in the story who I am most like is...
3. Some other people I recognize in this gospel are...
4. The gift that God gave me that is hardest to risk is...