Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 158B
Read: Mark 13:24-32

Gospel Summary
Today’s Gospel reading is often referred to as the “Little Apocalypse” because of its many references to the events that will occur in the end times. Jesus tells his disciples that many unusual and frightening things will happen, but he will come with power and glory to gather together his elect. While we may not know the day and hour of his coming, Jesus encourages us to pay attention to the signs of the times and to know that he is near.

Reflection for Parents
Many frightening things fill the news each day—murder, violence, war, hurricanes, tornados, fires—and your children are aware of these happenings. It is important that your home and your family be a place of safety, security, and peace in the midst of such news and in the midst of the challenges of daily life.  As your children talk about the news and voice their fears and concerns, invite them to join you in praying for those impacted by violence and natural disaster.
Jesus, be with your children today. Fill their hearts with your peace. Amen.

Bringing the Good News Into Your Family
Invite family members to think about things they own and friendships they have. Talk about the things and the friendships that have lasted for a long time, and what has helped them to last. Then talk about the things and the friendships that did not last for long, and why they did not last. Return to the following verses from today’s Gospel: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” 

Explain that part of the reason we go to Mass and we read the Bible at home is to learn the “words [that] will not pass away.” They are the words in the Bible. Invite family members to share favorite Scripture passages that help them remember that Jesus is near. You may enjoy reading together Psalm 119:151, Psalm 145:18, Isaiah 41:10, Acts 17:27, and Luke 12:7.

Discussion Starters
Today, make a family action plan to learn more of the “words [that] will not pass away.” Decide as a family on a time you will meet to read the Bible. You may want to choose a particular book or particular stories (such as the parables), or you may want to read together the Gospel for the previous or the coming Sunday. Make a commitment to do this one or more times a week for the coming month or more.