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Transfiguration of the Lord, Year B

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Lectionary: 614
Read: Mark 9:2-10

Gospel Summary
Peter, James and John, often described as the inner circle of disciples, were on the mountaintop with Jesus when something extraordinary happened. They saw Jesus become white, light, and bright, in a way that was not earthly possible. Some scholars explain this experience as a "preview" of Jesus at the final coming of God's Kingdom. From a cloud, the voice of God was heard instructing the three to listen to Jesus. The disciples were confused because as yet they did not understand the resurrection. Instead they focused on the earthly glory of Jesus and were not prepared for the suffering he predicted.

Reflection for Families
The glory of God was revealed in the transfiguration of Jesus. Even though we weren't on the mountaintop to see this wonder, parents are in a good position to understand something about God's glory. Since their conception, our children show us the truth about the wonder of God. There's so much we donÕt understand about their formation and creation, but on faith alone, we are willing to accept the development of their lives. It is our faith in God that helps us recognize the creation and growth of these precious miracles.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
We see previews to many things - especially at the beginning of videos, in commercials or at the movie theater. Share ideas about how previews help us know whatÕs coming and then see how these ideas help us understand what Jesus showed his disciples in this transfiguration reading.

Discussion Starters

  1. I know Jesus has transformed me because...
  2. The most beautiful scene I have ever experienced was...
  3. There is one person I would like to help see the Glory of God. To help him/her see I plan to...

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