Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 95
Read: Mark 4:35-41

Gospel Summary
Many people believe that Mark tells this story of the storm at sea to the people of the early Church for a specific purpose. As the story unfolds, Jesus has just left the crowds of Galilee with his disciples and is crossing the Sea of Galilee. Jesus has fallen asleep in the bow of the boat when a sudden storm comes up threatening to capsize the boat. The disciples wake Jesus hoping that he will help save them. The first thing Jesus does is calm the storm. Once the immediate danger is over, he then turns to the disciples and wonders why their faith is so weak.

Reflection for Families
As much as we would like to eliminate the storms in our children's lives, we really do them a disservice by not letting them learn to navigate on their own. How do we teach them this? Much as we don't always like to admit it, our children learn the most by watching us. What do our children learn from observing us in stormy weather? If we're honest, we can probably say we don't always mean to show them what they see; but maybe the most important thing they can learn is that we're trying. Even if we "lose it" (and our temper sometimes) they can still witness us coming back to God for help. Maybe they can see us in prayer, or maybe we can invite the family to pray together for a solution to the problem.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
The next time your family shares a meal together, talk about people you know who are going through some "stormy" times. Maybe it is a neighbor, a relative, friend, or maybe even someone sitting at the table. As a family, think of some ways you might help calm the storm. Commit to some action and be diligent in your follow-through

Discussion Starters

  1. My first reaction to storms in my life is to...
  2. One time I saw someone handle a difficult situation. This is what I remember...
  3. I was able to help someone in need once when I...