Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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Lectionary: 96
Read the Gospel: Luke 9:18-24

Gospel Summary

Luke starts his Gospel with “when Jesus was praying.” In the Gospel of Luke, this is a signal that a significant event is about to occur. Jesus asks the disciples, who were with him, who the crowds say that he is. After hearing the responses, Jesus asks who they, the disciples, say that he is. Peter, speaking for the other disciples, identifies Jesus as “The Christ of God.” Christ translates into “Messiah” or “anointed one.”

Immediately following Peter’s acknowledgement of Jesus’ identity, Jesus predicts his suffering, Death, and Resurrection. Jesus then tells that disciples that anyone who wishes to follow him must “deny himself and take up his cross daily.”

Reflection for Families

Jesus is upfront with his disciples in saying that following him comes with suffering. Disciples must “take up their cross daily.” The Church teaches that the cross is both a sign of suffering – it is, after all, the instrument of Jesus’ Death – and a sign of God’s victory. It is by Jesus’ Death and Resurrection that God defeated evil. By the way of the Cross, Jesus accomplished God’s great plan of Salvation.

Because we know that Jesus suffered, we are able to stay close to Jesus in our suffering. Being close to Jesus allows his transformative love to change our hearts and help us grow in holiness. When we are able to stay near to Jesus in our suffering, we are transformed, and our suffering can also be transformed into a sign of God’s victory. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be sad or hurt; it means we can trust that God is with us.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

As a family, make a list of times when being a disciple meant doing something that was hard. It might be choosing to miss a game in order to go to Mass, or standing up for a person who was being bullied instead of remaining quiet. It could be not hitting a sibling, even when you were really mad at him or her. Then share ideas of how you can remind one another of God’s transformative love, especially when choosing to do good is hard or when you are hurt or sad. Draw a cross on a sheet of paper and write your best ideas on the cross. Post the cross on your refrigerator as a reminder to stay close to Jesus when life is hard.

Discussion Starters

  1. I find it difficult to live as a disciple when…
  2. I can remind those who are suffering or hurt of Jesus’ love by…
  3. Even when it is hard to be a disciple, I know Jesus loves me because…