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Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 143
Read: Mark 10:17-30

Gospel Summary
Like many of us, the man in today’s gospel lived a good life and was obedient to God. He probably felt pretty confident in what Jesus’ answer would be when he asked what he had to do in order to be part of God’s Kingdom. Jesus questioned him asking if the man lived according to God’s laws. The man was a good man and said that he did. Jesus took interest in the man and even invited him to be a follower. But Jesus asked the man to do the hardest thing. Jesus asked the man to give away all his possessions and then come follow him. It was a sad moment for both Jesus and the man, because the man owned many material goods and could not part with them.

Reflection for Families
We live in a time when material possessions are easy to accumulate. Their quality and inventory may vary from family to family, but it’s safe to say that most of us own more, wear more, drive more, and eat more than we need for survival. From time to time, it’s good for us to take stock of the things surrounding us and notice what it is we hold on to. Why do we hold on and would it be better to let go of some things? Sometimes our possessions can make us slaves to them.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family
Take some time as a family to sort through closets, cupboards and drawers. Make sure that outgrown clothes or unused items are clean and in good shape. Take them to an outlet (maybe your own church) that collects gently used items for others. Be generous in what you decide to part with. Most of the things you give away you will have decided you don’t really need. Especially avoid the temptation to replace it with a similar or substitute item.

Discussion Starters

  1. The one material comfort that would be hard for me to give up is…
  2. One time I let go of something and God provided for me by…
  3. A rich person I know who will certainly enter the kingdom of heaven is… because…

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