Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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Lectionary: 144
Read the Gospel: Luke 17:11-19

Gospel Summary

Jesus healed ten lepers in today’s Gospel, but only one (an unlikely one, at that!) came back to thank Jesus and give praise to God. Jesus wondered where the others were and why they didn’t think to praise God for their healing.

Reflection for Families

It’s unlikely that the lepers in today’s Gospel weren’t happy about being healed from a dreaded disease that isolated them from their family and friends. However, they never said thank you to Jesus. Maybe they were too busy, too excited, too preoccupied, or too thoughtless. As parents, we have certainly experienced a lack of gratitude from our children. We know they are truly grateful for their home, the food they eat, the bed they sleep in, the clothes they wear, the taxi service we provide and the hours we spend playing with them. But most kids are not often there with a big hug and “Thank You!” Yet, our love does not diminish in the carelessness of our children, just as God’s healing did not disappear from the lepers. Likewise, even though we forget to thank God and praise him for all our rich blessings, healings, and mercy, the gift of love keeps coming, just as our love continues for our children.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Carey Landry and Carol Jean Kinghorn offer us a lively song thanking God for making us who we are. Most Christian book stores or religious educators have a copy of “Hi God 2” where you can find the song, “If I Were a Butterfly.” Try making up lively hand motions or dance steps to this song as you teach your child the words and movements. Tell your children what things you are grateful for.

Discussion Starters

  1. I should have thanked . . .
  2. I felt appreciated when . . .
  3. I’m especially thankful to God for . . .